My name is Louise and I have been wanting to create a food blog for the longest possible time. For a while now I have been deterred by anxieties over “will my pictures look awful”, “what if I have nothing of value to say” and worst of all “What if no-one likes my food” – fortunately I got over it and took the proverbial leap into cyberspace, hence my first entry in ‘Scarlett and the Beetroot”.  Food has always been a great passion of mine – from the age of eleven I started cooking and amassed numerous large, hardcover books in which I stuck recipes I’d torn from magazines – I’ve even been known to tear pages out of the food sections in glossy magazines whilst sitting in the Doctor’s waiting room! I hope that I will be able to express this passion for all things culinary in this little blog. When I was 21 I started my own catering company: ‘Relish’ – the business grew and I was forced to choose between continuing with it or starting my university degree in Drama (my other love) – I chose Drama and have been working as a lecturer, playwright and actress (when I can get it) ever since.  Now I channel my passion for food into other pursuits – the odd dinner party, a growing collection of cookbooks and experimenting at home. My food philosophy is ‘if I can make it so can you!’  So here we go…



  1. your blog is awesome! well done, looking forward to all the exciting yummy stuff you have in sotore fo us! also makes supper ideas that much easier:o)

  2. Lu! Wonderful wonderful! I am SO proud … Pleased.. Whatever the exuberant is, to say “oooh! That’s Louise’s page – isn’t she amazing?” I read your recipes when I’m hungry, and devour the last crumb. Much joy my dear – much joy and happiness as you go WorldWide!! Sals

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